Apple Please Fix The iPhone Keyboard – I found the fix!

Published on 13 Oct 2008 at 7:21 pm. No Comments.
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Ok so yesterday I posted how much I love the iPhone and my new MacBook Pro. I also promised to talk about things I didn’t like. The clear leader in this category is the iPhone keyboard. Most frustrating is the auto correct, which hacks half the stuff you type. Luckily for us in the next firmware there is an option to turn off the auto correct. Fix #1 coming soon….

However the typing on the keyboard just isn’t efficient. However a company already created a solution. Download the free app from the Appstore called “WritingPad” by
Unfortunately all it does is write notes, however the keyboard operation is brilliant. You simply drag your finger across the keys to spell the word you are trying to type. It draws a line across the letters and when you stop dragging inserts the best possible fit that it thinks you were typing. It is spot on nearly 100% of the time. However even when it’s off a bit, it lists right below the text a list of other possibilities and allows you to easily scroll through them and select the word you wanted. The real kicker is that if it doesn’t find the word and it’s one you type a lot (like the name of my business) then you can add it to the dictionary. This is an option sorely missing from the apple “auto correct”

Steve, I’m asking you personally, please buy up this company’s technology up and make it the default on the iPhone, it’s the way the keyboard on the iPhone should work, and I’m surprised you didn’t think of it first. Anyone reading this who has Steve’s email, please forward this post so he can add this keyboard technology to the iPhone. Thanks! 🙂

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