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Newport Mark III Sail BoatA good friend recently inherited a 30′ Newport Mark II Sail Boat like the one pictured here. While cleaning it up and checking it’s seaworthiness we stayed the night on the boat in dock. It sleeps 5 comfortably and even more if you get cozy. It’s got a sink, stove, shower and toilet. It’s pretty sweet. However after spending the night on the boat it took me literally a week to get my “land legs” back.

I’m not sure if this is because I slept on it or what but it was not a pleasant experience. For a whole week it felt like I was still on the boat. I’ve been back on the boat since for shorter periods and haven’t had the same problem, so hopefully it wont be an issue. It’s docked at the oakland yact club and I can’t wait to take this thing out on the bay on a nice day. One problem, neither my friend or myself know how to sail. We are going to see if we can find someone to come teach us on our boat, if not we’ll have to take a course somewhere. Eventually I’ll find out if I am a boat person or not. Seems like a really nice way to spend some free time.

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