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fumbling through the market – today collars

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As previously stated I know very little of the stock market but it has become an interest of mine lately after discovering different plays that are possible. It’s similar to poker in that you try to make the best decision possible with limited information. However there are more ways to hedge your bets. As I […]

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Prop 8 loss is a sad commentary but Hope is alive

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Though it is sad Californians voted the discriminatory prop 8 into effect there is plenty of hope to hold on to today. First off in 2000 the nearly identical Prop 22 was voted in by Californian voters by a margin of 61% – 38%. In contrast Prop 8 only passed 52% to 48% Additionally Prop […]

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Some Profitable Risks In This Stock Market

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First off I don’t claim to be any kind of Investment Guru or have any kind real knowledge on the matter whatsoever. However for those that know me, what you know is that I am is a risk taker, but a calculated risk taker. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that the stock […]

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