Transfer Palm Memos To iPhone

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Quick Solution:
1. Purchase and Download Memos in iTunes
2. Follow His Excellent Directions

Nearly a year ago when I semi-forced Andrea to switch to an iPhone from her Palm there was no way for her to get her memos from her Palm to her iPhone. Due to this I got into the iPhone dev program and started writing hello world apps in hopes of providing her with a solution that would allow her to carry only her iPhone and have all her memos from her Palm (years worth of memos on various subjects).

Well the app dev stopped pretty much at the “Hello World” app as I wasn’t familiar with cocoa or data structures on the palm or iPhone. One thing I did find was huge demand for such an app, and so I knew one would eventually emerge. Andrea continued to pester me about getting her memos transfered from her Palm and eventually I found a solution in Memos by Blue Marble Software.

There may be better apps by now but this one did exactly what I needed and it was the first of its kind. The app costs $8 but well worth it for people with hundreds of memos stuck on their palm.

The process involves uploading the memos from the Palm to a Google Docs account, and then downloading them to the iPhone. His directions are great and I got it to work on the first try by following them so I won’t redo them and will just point you to his directions.

As with most things I recommend reading all the directions through once or twice before attempting.

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