WordPress Plugins

WPMU Last Updated Blogs Plugin

The WPMU Last Updated Blogs Plugin gives MU WordPress administrators and easy way to display one post from the last updated blogs in their Mult-User WordPress installation in no time. Simply load the plugin into the mu-plugins directory (located in /wpmu/wp-inst/wp-content/), and you will have the wpmu_gois_last_updated() function. You can see this in action at Streethound.com on the home page as well as in the left bar of all subdomains. Placing the plugin in the mu-plugins directory will make it available in every subdomain without having to manually activate it in each dashboard.

WPMU Last Updated allows you to configure three variables: The number of posts to display, the number of words to display per post, and an offset to tell the function where to start displaying posts (offset 5 to start at the 5th most recent, etc).