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Well I haven’t kept up on the posting recently but I have been busy working and trying to get ready for our wedding which is next sat Sept 3. Also my comcast cable was out for nearly 4 weeks and after having 5 different service people out they were finally able to fix it. I was sick of waiting tho so I signed up for speakeasy DSL. The speakeasy DSL is 6MB down (and yes i get nearly all 6MB) and 768k up. That’s a big improvement over cable. So now it’s up just in time for me to head to CA for 2 months for the wedding =P Also I was unable to play poker during that time, with the new “no disconnect” tables on party I wasn’t willing to risk a 2k hand and have my internet go out, hence no poker posts either. Anyway speakeasy is nice, specially if you have an unlimted newsgroup account. Anyway don’t expect to see much on here till I return from CA. If you are coming to the wedding I can’t wait to see everyone, should be a fun party!

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