World Series of Poker

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I played in the World Series of Poker this year. The Omaha hi/lo (also known as Omaha O8) $1500 buy in limit event. I hate limit poker but it is the only kind of Omaha Hi/Lo event they have. In my opinion Omaha Hi/Lo should always be played Pot Limit. In fact I think Pot Limit poker is the best. Pot limit requires more skill than both limit and no limit because you have to build a pot and also can face large bets along the way, unlike in limit. However unlike No Limit you also can’t just push all in when you think you have the best hand so you need to know when and how to let a hand go later if the signs say you are beat. However I digress, I’m sure I’ll post more on Pot Limit later.

Anyway I flew out to Vegas just for the WSOP and stayed at the RIO. The rooms there are very nice and very affordable. If you are going to stay off strip you should check it out. Specially their wine bar where I spent some time after getting knocked out. I lasted just over 4hrs and made it through about half the field. Not too bad for my first WSOP event. I was happy with my play and played my game and did not play scared. The highlight was probably knocking out Jon Juanda, which wasn’t much of a feat since when he got to my table he was short stacked. I had two pair and the nut flush draw and he had a low draw and the same flush draw but lower and I raised him all in. I made my flush and his low missed. After that Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi and I got involved in a big hand where we both flopped and flush and both had good low draws to go with it. His flush was T high and mine was 8 high and when the low missed he took about half my stack. He went on to make the money. After that it was all down hill as I only had about 8x the big blind. I’ll be back next year and probably play in a few more events including some (yuk) holdem.

Also some guy from the Boston Globe called yesterday and interviewed me for about 20 minutes regarding the WSOP and poker in general. The WSOP gave him my phone number after asking permission. If I end up in an article I’ll post more about it here.

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